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Holistic Leadership Development
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J L Funk & Associates provides strategic planning, executive coaching, and customized leadership development workshops and retreats. Our goal is to empower leaders to reach their full potential and to ensure organizations have an actionable plan to address the enablers and inhibitors of their success.

We specialize in Holistic Leadership, which is a person-centered approach to talent management and organizational development.  We believe that leaders bring who they are as people to their role, as well as their understanding of others, the work community, and the work itself.  To develop great leaders, our approach is twofold: we train and coach people to be their best selves; we help people understand the support their colleagues need to identify and fully utilize their talents.  This dual focus is a powerful combination for achieving ambitious goals and outcomes.

What People Are Saying

“Because of Jim’s deep experience and professional flexibility, he has served as an excellent resource for the Archdiocese of Indianapolis as we strive to establish leadership coaches for our priests and pastoral leaders and develop a ‘wisdom community’ among those on our coaches’ bench.”

Matt Hayes
Project Director, Empowering Pastoral Leaders for Excellence in Parish Leadership and Management

“Jim has excellent insight into the important aspects of successful leadership skills and team building.  He is a master presenter and has the ability to engage audiences in the subject matter that he is presenting.  He has a genuine spirit and is passionate about people and sharing his knowledge about leadership.”

Blake Dye
FACHE, President, St. Vincent Heart Center of Indiana

“Jim has played an integral role in helping our organization rapidly improve our systems, staffing (human resources), and mission delivery.  Jim’s style and skill set were exactly what we needed to move forward to better serve our constituents, as well as to provide outstanding consultation to me personally as my executive coach and mentor.”

Joe Pickard
Executive Director, The PEERS Project of Indiana

“Jim uncovers the hidden advantage of developing virtue in leaders. His passion for assisting leaders to become the best for their company not only energizes their own personal development, he guides teams to discover collective strengths to drive business results. Because Jim’s appreciative approach seeks what is good, leaders are challenged, motivated and inspired to bring meaning and purpose to their work, while fulfilling their innate calling to become a servant leader.”

Loraine Brown
Interim Chief Mission Integration Officer, St. Vincent (Indiana)

“I have worked with Jim for many years. He is an excellent facilitator, and his partnership in content and program development is superb. He is able to hear what a client needs and produce the product that gets the job done!”

Dr. Curt Ward
Ascension Health Physician Formation Director

“I have engaged Jim Funk in several strategic consulting arrangements, including executive leadership development, organizational culture assessment and operational planning. From working with him, I know his work and counsel to be excellent; he provides thoughtful and sound advice anchored in theory, in best practices, and in his core beliefs about what drives effective leadership. The work he led us through resulted in organizational improvement and in my own development as a leader.”

Holly McKiernan
Executive Vice President, Chief Operating Officer & General Counsel, Lumina Foundation

“The people who have recommended Jim are spot-on with their comments. I worked with Jim in a variety of positions over the past 20 years at Ball Memorial Hospital, and we collaborated on some award-winning projects that I am still proud of. You’ll never find a more compassionate, professional individual. He’s always been able to help me when I could not “see the forest because of the trees.” He’s patient, very wise and always helped me see and understand the bigger picture. Jim is a shiny diamond in this world and it has been my great privilege to have known him and worked with him.”

Mike Rhodes
Publisher and Managing Editor, MuncieJournal.com—A service of WoofBoom Radio

“I have such tremendous respect for Jim. He is a true professional, one who thinks strategically while never losing sight of the Mission and the people. Always willing to offer counsel and conversation, Jim is someone I have relied upon over the years for perspective and guidance.”

Kris Shallenberger
Executive Recruiting and Consulting - Multimedia Marketing - Sales - Community Relations

“It was my pleasure to work for Jim for 4 years at St.Vincent in Indianapolis. Jim is a skillful manager and developer of people. He knows when to allow subordinates to make autonomous decisions and when to step in with clear direction. Jim’s strengths include being both calm and attentive under almost any circumstance, his exceptional ability to defuse conflicts, his willingness to share his expertise by providing sound advice and counsel, and his deep respect for all who come in contact with him.”

Marc Fogel
Manager, Organizational Effectiveness and Assessments at American Airlines
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